Julia Drapkin

iSeeChange is a public media experiment that fosters multimedia conversations between citizens and scientists about how seasonal changes in the weather and climate extremes affect daily American life. iSeeChange is produced by Julia Kumari Drapkin in Western Colorado at KVNF Mountain Grown Community Radio as a part of Localore, a nationwide production of AIR in collaboration with Zeega, with principal funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The iSeeChange Almanac is a socially networked weather Almanac for communities to collectively journal climate observations, questions, and decisions against near-real time climate information. The iSeeChange Almanac seeks to provide communities that depend on nature a dynamic crowd-sourced reservoir of information to help them navigate decision making in the context of climate extremes. Ultimately, by understanding a community's information needs in a localized question-and-decision-driven context, the iSeeChange Almanac presents opportunities for both public science and public media to better understand the value of information to communities and better tailor information to aid their decision making in the future.

KVNF was selected as one of only 10 stations across the country selected to incubate a project led by one of Localore's producers. A nationwide production of AIR, Localore is designed to accelerate transformation and extend public service media to all Americans, and is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Wyncote Foundation, the John T. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Learn more at


Julia Kumari Drapkin is the lead producer of iSeeChange. She is a radio, television, and multimedia producer with a passion for finding innovative ways to connect people to their environment, particularly online. iSeeChange was born out of over 7 years of covering natural disasters and climate change science across the globe and in her own backyard. Drapkin has worked as the Senior Science Reporter for The Nature Conservancy; a foreign correspondent and multimedia producer for CBS, PRI's The World, Global Post, and; an environmental reporter for PRI's The World; and as a photographer for the St. Petersburg Times and the Associated Press. Drapkin earned an MA in new media and documentary film at Columbia University. Prior to journalism, Julia did research anthropology and archaeology for over 7 years in Latin America. A Florida native, Julia grew up singing and dancing next to the Gulf of Mexico when she wasn't swimming in it.


Lindsey Wagner is Zeega's Director of Projects + User Experience. She is an artist who loves working with others to produce inspiring and valuable experiences. Previously, she worked in a Los Angeles woodshop before founding a user experience design division at a leading interactive agency. She frequently curates late-night bikes around Boston. iSeeChange is part of Zeega's growing collection of innovative storytelling projects that creatively uncover new perspectives on the human experience. Lindsey and the Zeega team are dedicated to revolutionizing web publishing and interactive storytelling for a future beyond blogs.

Andrea Lecos is iSeeChange's graphic designer and artist: She is a Paonia-based freelance graphic designer and mixed-media artist with her business County Road Productions. She has a B.S. Biology, M.A. Landscape Design, and a certificate in Horticultural Therapy. Her interests and experience are many, though have always revolved around art, music and plants. Some of her past experience includes working for the US National Arboretum, Smithsonian-Folkways Recordings (Smithsonian Office of Folklife & Cultural Studies) and running her own landscape design business. Despite all of the banjo jokes, she is sometimes performing Americana musician/songwriter/vocalist, along with her husband, in the band Hard Pressed.

Jay Casteel is Lead Web Developer at the New Orleans based Skuba Design Studio. A graduate of Full Sail University, he is extremely passionate about creating web applications with a social message. Having grown up in Holland and lived in over 15 cities around the United States, Jay is always excited to travel (and work remotely when necessary). Despite working constantly, his latest obsession is taking his 3rd place kickball team to first place next season.

Dan Leininger is a programmer, UI designer, inventor and musician in New Orleans. He spends half his time designing and programming things for a bunch of different ad houses, branding outfits, museums, and otherwise. With the other half he works on HappyFunPlanet, a project aimed at, among other things, creating new tools for peer-to-peer learning, open platforms for users to build and share custom modular information paths and machines, and ways for people to discover the extent of their knowledge within the context of the collective knowledge of humanity. He also plays music with his band The Complicated Math Problems.


Michelle Nijhuis is an award-winning science and environmental journalist who writes for National Geographic and other publications. She's a longtime contributing editor for High Country News, which is based in iSeeChange's hometown of Paonia.

Loretta Williams is an independent producer, editor and reporter based in the Los Angeles area. Loretta started her radio career at a community station in Cambridge, Massachusetts, went on to work at WBUR in Boston, and eventually became a producer for NPR's Morning Edition and Weekend Edition Sunday. Between 1999-2006, she was an editor for NPR's arts desk. Her other love is science journalism. Between NPR stints she has worked for two award-winning public radio producers: SoundPrint and SoundVision Productions. At SoundVision Productions, she produced and managed The DNA Files and The Really Big Questions. Most recently she has been producing for the public radio series Burn: An Energy Journal hosted by Alex Chadwick.


Sue Schardt is AIR's executive director, and the executive producer of Localore. Noland Walker is Localore's executive editor. AIR is a creative brain trust made up of more than 900 media makers from across the US and 20 countries worldwide who are re-imagining and reinventing public media and journalism for the 21st century. Its programs are designed to identify, cultivate, and deploy gifted talent for the benefit of citizens across the U.S.


We are grateful for the incredible support, curiosity, participation, and generosity of many individuals and organizations in Paonia, the North Fork Valley, the public media community, and the public science community. Extra special thanks go to Sally Kane, Ali Lightfoot, Ariana Brocious, Gretchen Aston-Puckett, Amber McDaniel, Jeff Reynolds, Christy Eller, Candy Pennetta, Regna Jones, Michelle Nijhuis, Loretta Williams, Trent Bailey, Jordan Schevene, Todd Sheets, Luke Runyon, Molly Macauley, Lawrence Friedl, Randall Friedl, Lawrence Buja, Bud Ward, Sunshine Menezes, Jessica Clark, Lo Audley, Sue Schardt, Noland Walker, Kara Oehler, Jesse Shapins, Ann Moss, and Jerry Shapins. Extra special special thanks to June and Dallas Harding, Rita Clagett, Marla Bear Bishop, Pat Polson, Doug Fritz, Hugh Carson, Smyth Boone, Amber Kleinman, Darcie Rose, Tracy McCurdy, Dave Noe, Craig Childs, Regan Eun-Ok Choi, Phillip and Pamela Hassinger, Linda Bacigalupi, Don Lareau , Daphne Yannakakis, Georgia Hopper, Rick Robinson, Gary Broughton,Tony Prendergast, Brian Farmer, Chuck Farmer, Jeff and Tracey Schwartz, Nancy Zimmerman, Ken and Oogie McGuire, Mike and Rose Wenner, Regna Jones, Scott Horner, Mike Ulray, Emily Hartnett, Jason Beason, Maria Hodkins, Cassandra Shenk, Stella Campbell, Alex Johnson, Sarah Sauter, Willy Kistler, Lance Swiggart, Andrea Lecos, David Inouye, Amy McKinney, Mark Schwartz, Ben Cook, Jennifer Francis, Tom Painter, Jonathan Overpeck, Michael Soule, Joe Ramey, Nolan Doesken, and each member of the iSeeChange community who helped us learn about change, one post and one interview at a time.

A very very special special thanks to Forest Bradley-Wright, who agreed to all of this in the first place.