Jul 26, 2015 - Aug 1, 2015
Have you seen change this week?
  • On July 17th (12 days ago) the agricultural field next to my home was drenched in Round-up herbicide. Most of the plants in the field were killed. However, some survived. The picture posted here is of the weed, annual fleabane (larger plants) and the GMO crop Round-up Ready soy beans. (the seedlings). The fleabane is a so-called super-weed in that it is completely invulnerable to Round-up. In a few weeks the fleabane will flower and produce millions of seeds that are also invulnerable to Round-up. It will be interesting to follow the field over the next few years and see what the farmer does about the fleabane. The field across the street is choked with superweeds.

  • I noticed black soldier fly larvae in our backyard compost bin. We've been composting for 10 years, and this is the first time we've seen them.

    I wondered if they were native to Southwestern Pennsylvania. I thought they were only active in warmer growing zones.
    I want to keep them happy in the compost bin. They are doing a good job breaking down watermelon rinds and everything else.
  • We drove through southwest CO-- Salida, Westcliffe, Walsenburg, Alamosa and Creede. Amazingly green everywhere for late July. Vegetation is bright green where the forest fires were near South Fork and Creede 2 years ago with new vegetation. Blackened "sticks" still standing where the conifers were burned.